12 Things to Do With a Free Day Each Month

Things to Do With a Free Day Each Month

Did you know…
The average American adult comes down with a cold 2-3 times a year, with those colds lasting an average of 7-10 days. Who wants to be stuck with a sore throat, sniffles, and a cough? Probably not you.

Lucky for you, Cold-EEZE® is here to help out. Taking Cold-EEZE lozenges at the first sign of cold symptoms can decrease the duration of your cold by up to 42%, when used as directed! So, all this got us thinking. What would we do with all the extra time without a cold?

Take a dip into the water when the season is right

January: Go ice skating

This one is an especially enjoyable choice for the winter months. Depending on where you live, you might even be able to enjoy some time on the ice outside. The great thing about ice skating is that it’s fitting for any kind of outing. Whether you’re entertaining the kiddos, finishing off a romantic date, out and about with friends, or even just skating solo, some time gliding around the rink can be a good way to spend an afternoon or evening.

February: Hit the slopes

Can’t really do this one while coughing wildly. Who wants to be in the cold while they have a cold? Nobody. But hey, when you’re feeling bright-eyed, energized, and ready for action, take advantage of the few winter months we have left and hit the slopes! Although, you could always go in November or December also.

On a budget? Consider taking the whole family sledding! No kids? Who said sledding is for kids only? Grab a tube and make your way down the mountain (or whatever hill you can find). And then after the fun is over, there’s nothing better than cuddling up inside with some hot cocoa or herbal tea. In a warmer climate or coming across this article a few months outside of winter? There’s a use for inner-tubes up in the 70s too: consider floating along a local river. Look at that, we’ve really thought of everything here, regardless of your setting or situation. Can't let any of these extra days go to waste!

March: Karaoke - great for a free evening!

When you’re sick, singing is one of the last things on your mind. Second to last on your mind, maybe? Going out with friends for a night of musical carousing. One, you feel like crud. Two, you don’t want to get your own friends sick.

But hey, when you’re not sick, a night of revelry and music with friends can be a blast! Message some friends, set the plans in motion, and go rock some notes! Thank you, next.

Use your cold-free day in visiting Zoo or Aquarium

April: Spend a day at the movies

Okay, so one of the go-to things to do when you’re sick is cuddle up in blankets, sip some lemon honey ginger tea (our favorite!), and marathon movies and TV shows. But going to the cinema and seeing a movie when you’re knocked out with a bad cold isn’t a great thing for you or other moviegoers. So when Cold-EEZE helps you get well faster, take advantage of the extra time and go out to see a movie! Or two! Or a marathon!! There are some highly anticipated blockbusters coming out this year, including:

Avengers: Endgame - Who doesn’t want to know how this Marvel story ends?
The Lego Movie 2 - Sure to be great fun for the whole family!
Aladdin - Likely to add some magic to your recovery!

May: Wine tasting?

Good to have your nose working for this one and not an ideal activity for when you’re sick. For one, as we’ve said before, proper hydration is crucial for a strong recovery. Alcohol isn’t great for that, as it contributes to dehydration. Not to mention, keeping toxin-clear is probably best for getting cold-clear. Two, if you want to really be able to taste the wine, clear sinuses and a healthy nose are a must.

Wine tasting can be an enjoyable activity at any point in the year and near many locations in the US. Grab some friends and engage your inner connoisseurs.

June: Enjoy a BBQ

It may be the dead of winter right now, but it won’t always be. BBQs are a classic summer blast. As soon as the sun starts spending more time in the sky each day and the temps start to heat up, use one of your extra days to sizzle up some grub with friends or family. “The more the merrier” definitely applies to this situation.

Get out onto the water in spring or summer by doing Kayaking, paddleboard for fishing

July: Get Onto the Water

Whether it’s the ocean, a lake, or a river, you’re bound to have some sort of water near you. Now, while you might be able to get onto the water for some ice fishing depending on where you live, getting too close to water might not be the most appealing winter activity in most parts of the country. But in the spring and summer, bring it on! For the more adventurous, maybe rent a kayak or paddleboard. For those looking for a more leisurely activity, consider a dinner cruise or a day around a local lake.

hit the outdoor activities like hiking, football

August: Get Into the Water

So maybe you actually don’t have any lakes, rivers, ponds, or coasts around for miles and miles, so water activities seem to be off-the-menu. But hey, one thing you likely do have is a local pool! A swim can be refreshing for you, and a blast for the kids. And for those lucky few near mountain lakes, slow rivers, or coastal beaches, a summer dip in the waters can make for a great summer activity (but you already knew that). Yet another activity you probably wouldn’t want to engage in while knocked out by a nasty cold, taking a summer swim can be healthy and invigorating! Take a day to take a dip when the season is right!

Spend a day watching the movies

September: Ready, Set, Hike!

Yes yes, we know it’s currently football season, so this suggestion title probably brought to mind images of pigskin and the gridiron, but we aren’t talking about the type of hike to signal a snap. We’re talking about getting out into the weather and experiencing some of Mother Nature’s nurture!

Hiking is one of the few outdoor activities that you can do in almost any location at just about any time of the year. And needless to say, it’s not exactly an ideal activity for when a cold has kicked off the nasal congestion and sore throats. So put your health to good use, get out into the fields and up the mountains, and enjoy a healthy dose of physical activity!

Enjoy the fun activity like rock climbing as weekly routine in the right season

October: Go to your local zoo or aquarium -- sometimes they have free days too!

Lions and tigers and sniffles, oh my! Wait, that’s not how that one goes. A zoo is not the ideal place to be when you have a cold. Lots of walking, lots of proximity and close contact (contributing to spreading viruses), and lots of delicious food that you probably wouldn’t be in the mood for.

However, when you’re feeling healthy and the weather is clear, a day at the zoo can be a fantastic time, with or without kiddos. Use your cold-clear free day this month to go wander around and discover some beautiful animals at your local zoo!

Enjoy ice skating in winter months

November: Go bouldering/rock climbing

This is one of those that a lot of people don’t do unless someone first introduces them to the sport, but it’s a blast that can be easily engaged in with friends or alone! This wouldn’t be any fun with your head feeling like a brick from all of the nasal congestion of a cold, but it is a great time when healthy!

Memberships or visits at rock climbing and bouldering gyms can be a bit pricey, but luckily there are quite a few Groupon offers around for climbing gyms across the country. Set aside some time one weeknight and try out this fun activity beloved by many as a weekly routine. It’s a popular workout, great for gaining strength and keeping fit (which is good for immune system health), but also for a fun time!

December: Volunteer for a day

Yet another activity that can be fun and fulfilling, but that you’ll typically want to avoid when sick (unless you’re volunteering wicked blog-writing skills from home). Volunteering is supposed to help people, but sharing your cold might harm those efforts.

However, when you’re healthy, volunteering can be good for both the body and the soul, and especially for others! Plus, December is the holiday season, the perfect time to volunteer and help others. Play a sport? Maybe you could referee a youth game. Good cook? Consider helping at a soup kitchen! (Maybe you’ve had some practice with chicken noodle soup after using it as a cold remedy! ;) )

We hope this list was helpful for you and leads to some fantastic times across the next few months! Whether or not we actually get free days this year, we can certainly start taking Cold-EEZE at the first sign of a cold to shorten your cold. Be sure to use as directed.

How will you take back your time? Let us know on Facebook , Instagram , and Twitter. We can't wait to see what our Cold-EEZE Community has planned for the next few months!